HR Vision: Our HR vision is to be pioneer in our sector at national and international level, thanks to our human resources practices in line with the philosophy “Union is strength”. One of the primary objectives of our Company is continuous growth, by ensuring creation of an exciting and honoring working environment and sustainability of employee satisfaction which is the primary factor in our Company’s continuous achievements.

HR Mission: Our HR Mission is to support improvement of all business branches, create a high performance culture and raise such awareness in all employees, by implementing a human resources management parallel to the business strategies of our company. Human resources management is responsible for increasing performance of employees, by providing them with an environment which is dominated by human resources management, dynamic, open to innovation and continuously developing.

ARC Yapı pursues the equal opportunity principle at each stage of the recruitment and following procedures. Fundamental policy is to ensure overlapping between skills and competence of the employee and the requirements of a certain position in the company and to select, develop, evaluate and manage the processes with the principle of equal opportunity.

The purpose of the recruitment process we implement at APC is to add the most suitable candidates donated with the competence required by the concerned position and the capacity to work in harmony with the corporate culture and values to our company. We evaluate all applications received by our Company, in line with the principles of justice, confidentiality and equal opportunity.

1 – Creation of an Application Pool:

As our HR specialists publish our vacancy announcements through the following channels and thus we are able to reach the skills which we want our Company to acquire:
Career websites
Social media
Turkish Employment Agency

Consultancy Companies

2- Evaluation Process:

Evaluation of CV /Telephone Interview/ Examination / Competence Based Interview

The preliminary evaluation process includes an interview made by telephone with candidates found to be eligible for this process as a result of the evaluation of the curriculum vitae in the light of the application criteria and qualifications. Following the preliminary evaluation stage, the candidates are made subject to the following evaluations depending on the requirements of the position and their fields of expertise:

Personality inventory
General skill examination
Foreign language examination
Case and simulation studies
Speed and correctness test of keyboard usage

3- Recruitment:

Reference Check / Position Proposal

Reference check is conducted for the candidates who succeed in the evaluation process and a proposal is made to them.

4- Feedback:

A feedback is given to the concerned candidates whose processes/interviews are completed. If their response is negative, their CV is kept in the CV Pool for open positions.

The performance criteria determined in line with the corporate objectives on periodical basis are denoted in concrete values and objective. The targets set are controlled within the respective period and the performance of the employee is observed. The achievements and the pre-determined targets are compared to find the levels of performance. Performance average of the employee affects their possibility to be proposed/to apply for different positions and their remuneration.

Training and development activities at APC are planned for the whole Company and on the basis of individual employees, in consideration of the values and competences requiring improvement and the needs of our employee and our Company. The important factors considered during the determination of training needs are the strategies and targets of the company, consequences of performance evaluation, requirements of position, feedbacks received from managers and the employees, new investments and projects. Training models are created with the support of the in-house trainers or professional training institutions through procurement of service.

Our trainings prepared in accordance with the strategies and targets of our Company and the requirements of the organization are categorized as follows:

Orientation Trainings: These are the trainings provided to the employees newly joined our Company in order to ensure that they get to know the work and the work environment as soon as possible and adapt themselves to them.
Vocational Development Trainings: These trainings aim at increasing vocational competence.
Personal Development Trainings:  These trainings aim at improving the knowledge, skills and motivation of the employee.
Trainings for Managers: These trainings aim at improving the skills of the managers.

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